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New Chaos Daemons: The Tide of Chaos Stretches even further!

So.... Aside from doing nothing warhammer related for the past couple of months... I've started to get back in the swing of things since it looks like I'll have a chance to play a bit more regularly soon. I recently traded my chaos army for a huge skaven army and a small vampire counts army. But enough of the Fantasy. To the 40k mobile!

Chaos Daemons Codex Review first off.

Nature of the Daemon
Your standard lore really, first it talks about the 4 greater chaos gods. Then it talks about how Daemons come through the warp into the material plane. After that it gives you a nice stylized timeline. Then it talks a little bit about the End Times.
-This is pretty standard stuff when it comes to Daemon Lore and it's nothing I haven't read before from the last Daemons codex and the Liber Chaotica book.

The Legions Infernal Army Special Rules
-So, on to the meat and potatoes of the book. Starting with a whole host of army special rules.

Daemonic Alignment: Basically you can't stick a Herald of Khorne into a unit that isn't dedicated to Khorne. Or same wording with different gods.
-Nothing we haven't seen before

Daemon of Khorne: Furious Charge, Hatred (Daemons of Slannesh), Chariot Hammer of Wrath hits at S7
Daemon of Slannesh: Fleet, Hatred (Daemons of Khorne), +3 inches on running, +6 inches of running for Calvary or Beasts, +3 inches for flat-out moving for vehicles.
Daemon of Nurgle: Shrouding, Hatred (Daemon of Tzeench), Defensive grenades when entire unit is made up of Daemons of Nurgle.
Daemon of Tzeench: Re-roll 1s for Invul saves, Hatred (Daemon of Nurgle), +3 LD when manifesting psychic powers (making it normally LD 10)
All Daemons of... have the Daemon special rule
-I'm liking this a lot. Khorne is still pretty much Khorne, Slannesh is more powerful (From last 'dex) and it fits with it. Nurgle is nice and lore-freindly as is Tzeench though it loses a lot of duribility (Since they don't have a standard 4+ invul)

Daemonic Instability
Basically... They pass all fear, pinning, morale tests but on break tests... For each point they fail by they lose a wound.
Unless... You roll a double 1 or double 6, which is really good, or really bad respectively.
On a double one Reality Blinks and all the models you lost in the combat comes back into play.
On a double six Banishment! the whole unit is removed from play as casualties.
EX: My 15 man daemon unit loses 5 models in combat and loses combat by 2, bringing their LD down to 5 (Basic daemon LD is 7) and I roll a 8, the difference between LD and result is 3, so the daemon unit takes 3 more wounds without saves.
-Big step down from fearless but I was expecting something different with the new 'dex and I have thumbed through the last Fantasy Daemon Army book and I had a feeling they might go with something like that. It seemed rather lore-freindly. The double 1 or 6 results are equally brutal though.

On to the Warp Storm Table:
Roll on a crazy table every start of the shooting phase for the daemon player (Or each... O.O)
2-4 really hurts the Daemon player. From each unit in your army taking a Instabilitity test. To taking a -1 to your invul until your next Warp Storm Table
5-9 with the exception of 7 (In which nothing happens) the Gods throw their hat into the ring. Khorne, Tzeench, Slannesh, or Nurgle targets each enemy unit (And their oppsite gods units). On a roll of a 6 the unit takes damage in one form or another, from D6 S6 AP- rending hits. To a small blast S8 AP3  barrage hit.
10-12 gives the Daemon player some nasty boons. From Increasing the invul save of all their units by 1. To outright deepstriking a whole unit of 2D6+3 lesser Daemons on to the field.
-On a whole... This is really making me take Fateweaver, not just becuase he's awesome in different ways now but because he lets you re-roll the result of this chart thanks to a warlord trait. Other than that, I'm liking the chart as a whole, really re-enforces the randomness of Daemons, since we lost the Daemonic Incusion special rule. Thats right, daemons are going the way of the foot sloggers. but they all have the deepstrike rule, so great options.

Warlord Traits
1: Warlord Melee weapons cause Instant Death
2: Warlord and unit have Hatred
3: All enemy units -1 to fear tests while warlord is alive.
4: All friendly units within 12 inches re-roll failed Instability tests.
5: Re-roll Warp Storm chart while warlord is alive
6: Friendly units arriving from deepstrike do not scatter when they land within 6 inches of the warlord.
-Liking them all though I have to admit, 2, 4, and 5 are the only truely awesome ones though the others are still quite useful.

-I've still got some time and im not tired yet so... here we go (It's 11:53 pacific 6/4/13 up to this point)
-I'm going to be deviating a bit and going into the armory since most of the unit entries don't make sense without a jist of what wargear im talking about.
Daemonic Armory
Ranged Weapons:
Khorne Flavored:
Lash of Khorne: 12 inch, S6 AP2 Assult 1
Skull Cannon: 36 inch, S8 AP5 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Dreadskulls, Ignore Cover
Dreadskulls: Basically the unit doesn't benefit from cover in the next assault phase when it gets hit with this weapon
Khorne Ranged Weapons as expected, limited in number but all sorts of deadly.
Slannesh Flavored:
Lash of Dispair: 12 inch, S4 AP- Assult 2D6
Nerd-gasm perpotions since heralds of slannesh can take this item, and you can have up to eight of them... but at a ludicrous amount of points. (500+)
Nurgle Flavored:
Death's Heads: 12 inch, S-user AP- Assult 2, Posioned (4+)
Most meh of the ranged weapons in my opinion.
Tzeench Flavored
Blue fire of Tzeench: 18 inch S9 AP2 Heavy D3, Warpflame
Flames of Tzeench: Template S4 AP4 Assult 1, Warpflame
Pink fire of Tzeench: Template S5 AP3 Heavy 1, Torrent, Warpflame
Warpflame: It's a very special rule, very chaotic. At the end of a phase where a unit was damaged with a weapon with this rule they take a toughness test, if they fail they lose D3 wounds. If they pass they get Feel No Pain (6+) or if they already have it gain +1 to their feel no pain save.
Devestating weaponry, either to your opponent when they fail toughness tests or yourself when they pass the same tests.
Soul Grinder only Weapons:
Baleful Torrent: Template S6 AP4 Assult 1, Torrent
Harvester Cannon: 48 inch S7 AP4 Heavy 3 shot, 2 profiles one with Skyfire
Phlegm Bombardment: 36 inch S8 AP3 Ordinance 1, Large Blast
I'm seeing a Soul Grinder in nearly every army of pure daemons for the Skyfire awesomeness, though they may suffer a bad case of lascannon-itus cause they are big and potentially scary targets with Plegm Bombardment.

Melee Weapons:
Khorne Flavored:
Axe of Khorne: S-User, AP2, Decpaitating Blow
Blade of Blood: S-User, AP2, Bloodlust, Unweildy
Hellblade: S-User, AP3
Decapitating Blow: To wound rolls of 6 cause instant death
Bloodlust: Model gains Rampage special rule
Awesome and quite possibly the best melee weapons of the 'dex as befitting Khorne.
Slannesh Flavored:
Witstealer Sword: S-User, AP5, Rending, Witsteal
Witsteal: Model that takes an unsaved wound from this weapon must pass an initiative test or lose an additional wound.
In my opinion... one of the worse weapons in the 'dex.
Nurgle Favored:
Balesword: S-User, AP-, Instant Death, Posion (4+), Touch of Rust
Plague Flail: S-User+1, AP-, Contagion
Plague Sword: S-User, AP-, Posion (4+), Touch of Rust
Touch of Rust: Weapons with this special rule causes a glancing hit on armour penetration roll of 6.
Contagion: Models that take an unsaved wound from this weapon must pass a toughness test or lose an additional wound.
Haven't given Nurgle weapons much thought though they seem rather useful, espcially the plague swords of the plague bearers. Able to damage anything in the game, litterally.
Tzeench Flavored:
Mutating Warpblade: S-User AP3, Warp Mutation
Staff of Change: S-User+2 AP4, Warpdoom
Warp Mutation: If the  bearer slays an enemy character or Mosterous Creature, on a D6 roll of 2+ the victim is turned into a Chaos Spawn:
WS:3 BS:0 S:5 T:5 W:3 I:3 A:D6 LD:10 SV:-
Beasts, Fearless, Rage, Very Bulky
Warpdoom: if a non vehicle character of monsterous creature loses its last wound to a attack from this weapon it explodes, dealing to every unit within D6 inches D6 S5 AP- hits.
Very unpredictable weaponry and very strange, must meditate more on them but initial thoughts make them decent.
Etherblade: S-User AP2, Master-Crafted
Greater Etherblade: S-User+1 AP2, Master-Crafted.
These are some of the upgrade weaponry for Daemons, will be apparent when you read the Rewards. And very powerful in the right hands and makes even though meh in combat a force to be reckoned with.
Soul Grinder Flavored:
Iron Claw: S-UserX2 AP:2, Unwieldy
Warpsword: S-User, AP3, Master-Crafted
I see the Iron Claw getting more use then the warpsword. No way in heck should a terminator getting hit by a weapon that could cut it in half and it still gets up 5 out of 6 times.

Daemonic Attrubutes:
Collar of Khorne: Unit gain +2 to Deny the Witch rolls. (Fleshounds only)
Rot Proboscis: Close combat attacks are Poison (3+) (Plague Drones only)
Venom Sting: Make 1 special attack and roll separately, this attack causes Instant Death. (Plague Drones only)
Warp-Forged Armor:  Model gets a 3+ armor save. (Blood Thirster, Scarbrand, Daemon Prince only)
Not much to say on this regard, Warp-Forged Armor is veru good since the vast majority of Daemons don't have a Armor Save. Plague Drone upgrade Rot seems much more useful than the Venom sting despite the same point cost.

Daemonic Steeds:
Juggernaut of Khorne: Model gains +1 toughness, wound, and attack. Model becomes Calvary.
Disk of Tzeench: Model gains +1 attack. Model becomes Jetbike
Palanquin of Nurgle: Model gains +2 wounds, +1 attack and gains the Very Bulky special rule.
Steed of Slannesh: Model gains +1 attack, Acute Senses and Outflank special rule and becomes Calvary.
Steeds seem rather similar to the last steeds not including the Chariots which aren't included (Most are their own units now or upgrades for heralds, will talk about them when they come up) All of them have their place but Steed of Slannesh seems the most useful given that it lets a herald of slannesh outflank with her unit. (One of the only units that can outflank in the Daemon 'Dex.)

Getting Tired now. Will finish the Review another time. Hopefully soon.

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6th edition comes and so does the tide of chaos fall across the galaxy like a plague...

So... As you can imagine this post is going to be about 6th edition and my loved Chaos. In both flavors thanks to the new ally rules. My girlfreind has been gracious enough to let me keep her painted daemons at my house since she doesn't really have too many people to play where she lives (Pause for a moment of sadfaceness).

So this is list time *Cue dramatic music*
Chaos Space Marines Primary Detachment

HQ: Chaos Sorcerer (Telepathy Discipline) (Strategic Warlord Traits)Sorcerer Whisper Steel w/ Favor of the Gods (Mark of Tzeench), Chaos Shield Familliar, Doom Bolt. 145
Elites: 5 Chosen 'Squad Thalius' Chosen Word Bearers w/ 4 Plasma Guns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 205
Elites: 5 Chosen 'Squad Thul' Chosen Word Bearers w/ 4 Plasma Guns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 205
Troops: 5 Chaos Marines 'Squad Aluris' Word Bearers w/ Meltagun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 140
Troops: 5 Chaos Marines 'Squad Alcar' Word Bearers w/ Meltagun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 140
Troops: 5 Chaos Marines 'Squad Amorgon' Word Bearers w/ Meltagun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 140
Heavy Support: 5 Havoc Marines 'Squad Malific' Havoc Word Bearers w/ 4 Plasma Guns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 190
Heavy Support: 5 Havoc Marines 'Squad Mulius' Havoc Word Bearers w/ 4 Plasma Guns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino (Combi-Meltagun). 190

Chaos Daemons Allied Detachment

HQ: Great Unclean One Droolsinew Warplash w/ Cloud of Flies, Insturment. 170
Elites: 4 Blood Crushers Killfiend's Brutlizers. 160
Troops: 10 Pink Horrors oozeblister Cackling's Crowd w/Changling. 175
Troops: 10 Daemonettes Gutslasher's Herem. 140

So... We've got Word Bearers using actual Daemons... PERFECT!
Not the most competitive and Hard list... But it really seems that with the greater amount of randomness in the game and the 'Forge a Narrative' sidebars it seems like competitive play is not Games Workshop's purgative and this list defiantly have some narrative to it. I didn't take a fortification since I didn't really have the points after taking all that I wanted but if I would, I would probably take a Imperial Bastion since this force is meant to be a vanguard force backed by some heavy hitting, yet diverse Daemon allies.

Also... if your getting question marks on the Chaos Shield being the Sorcerer's Familiar... It's constantly whispering magical knowledge into his mind, though it gives him nearly peerless magical knowledge... but it will drive him insane eventually, unless he fulfills his own agenda to become a Daemon Prince before he loses his mind.

Be back with some Battle Summeries and some tales to tell.

This is nearly a complete copy and paste from my topic on in the armylist section of the forum. So. Now with that out of the way... 6th edition at another time.

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Been Awhile...

So... It's been awhile since I've posted but I've got lots to report on we'll just have to see if im willing to stay on and just type it all out... But here goes something, I hope.

I've gotten off my daemons kick and jumped onto gray knights. I know opposites... but their is a very good reason that I'm not giving the Daemons love. Someone else is, my girlfreind. I've finally broken her down. (Or she broke herself down) and she's started to play. She's still pretty green but she's getting better and better every time we see each other. We're going on 3 years now and it's been rocky but hopefully we'll make it though. She's got a lot of time on her hands and has really given those Daemons the love that they need. Lots of paint and they look cool.

So... as I mentioned earlier. I started gray knights. And it's a little different. And when I mean a little, I mean alot different from your normal purifier-spam, Draigo-wing, Henchmen-spam, Razorback/dreadnought spam. So... Here it is:

Librarian w/ Might of Titan, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, The Shrouding, The Summoning, Vortex of Doom, 3 Survo-skulls. 195
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor w/ Terminator Armor, Psycannon, Psyker (Mastery level 1), Psychic Communion. 110
Vindicare Assassin. 145
6 Squads of 10 Gray Knights (strike squad) each with 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition, Master-Crafted Nemesis Daemon Hammer. 225

So... It's all about the firepower. The anti-infantry firepower. We've got a respectful nod to anti-tank but not quite enough as I would like but I don't want to drop a squad for a pair of psyrifleman dreadnoughts or a dread with an assassin. But I think I can still make the cut against imperial guard meched up (combo of deep strike and psychic communion and deep striking strike squads) and land raider lists (take the hit if more than 1 and kill everything else with all my other squads.)

I've gotten 4 games in, 2 with gray knight purifiers (same guy), 1 deathwing dark angels and 1 with another gray knight list with 4 strike squads, 2 henchmen warrior squads, pair of dreads, vindicare assassin and storm raven with cotez. And I've gotten 4 wings, using the superior firepower and slow, yet unstoppable mobility and not making stupid mistakes.

Unfortunately thats all I have in me for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon.

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January 22, 2012 Starting unit review

So... I've decided to start a unit review of Codex: Chaos Daemons since I've got some spare time today. But first. To the army special rules first since you can't really put daemons in perspective until you know exactly how their army functions. I will not be writing word by word reviews. Since I don't want to infringing on copyrighted material dispite this being non-profit and commercial use as well as for criticize. So... without further adue...

All units in the Codex are Daemons (A shocker I know). And thus follow the four special rules below. (These rules are specifically on page 27 of the Codex for word by word reading if you were wanting to know)

Invulnerable: All daemon saves in their profile are invulnerable saves, armor saves are given out separately via Daemonic Gifts (Instead of wargear, they have Daemonic Gifts) Also, all daemons have the Eternal Warrior special rule.
Daemonic Assault: What this rule means is that the entire army deep strikes. At the start of your first turn. You split your forces into two groups with both groups having as even a number of units as possible. After you have done that. You choose the group that you want to have come in this turn (Commonly known as: Preferred Wave). You then roll a D6 and on a roll of a 3+ the group you wanted to have come in, and the rest of the army is placed into reserves and will deep strike when it becomes available from reserves. On a 1 or a 2, the other group comes in. (Known as Non-preferred Wave)
Daemonic Rivalry: This special rule means that Daemons from one power can not join units from another power. (IE. Herald of Khorne can not join a unit of that is not dedicated to khorne or a unit of furies)

Daemonic Gifts: As a side note, Daemons do not have wargear like the other mortal races, instead they have gifts bestowed upon them by their creator but otherwise they function the same as Wargear and thus can not be negated.
*(Also on a special note, a vindicare assassin with a shield breaker round can not break through a Daemons invulnerable save, since the invulnerable is inherit to the Daemon. It is not bestowed by wargear.)

So there we are for the Army-wide special rules. So.. Now that you know in general how all daemons will power in general. I'll start with the Heavy Support Choices in the army list starting with the infamous Soul Grinder.

Soul Grinder:
The soul grinders... They start off at 135 points, so lets see what you get for that:

WS: 3 BS: 3 S:6 (10) Front and Side Armour: 13 Rear Armour: 11 I: 3 A:4
Wargear is 2 Dreadnought close combat weapons, Harvester, and Mawcannon
Vehicle (walker)
The Havester profile is Range: 24'' S:4 AP: 5 Assault 6
The Mawcannon's initial profile is called the 'vomit' profile and is Range: Template S:6 AP 4 Assult1

The Soulgrinder also has 2 options.
Upgrade the Mawcannon to a Phlegm or Tongue Profile
Phlegm: Range: 36'' S: 8 AP: 3 Assault 1 Large Blast
Tongue: Range: 24'' S:10 AP: 1 Assault 1

The soul grinder had Daemon special rules (Which for this particular unit means that it ignores Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned results on the vehicle damage table, and it is deployed like all other daemon units. It also had Fleet

I have not had any experience with either the unmodified or tongue upgrade version of the Soul Grinder but I have had lots of experience with the Phlegm upgraded Soul Grinder which comes out to 160 points. I find it to be a rather useful unit to have in the army as it brings something that in the Daemons codex is sorely lacking, Large blast guns. Only two are available and one is on a special character and the other is this one. It's got decent killy power, especially if the soul grinder lasts past the first turn. The most regretable downside is that if your opponent scores a weapon destroyed result. It'll remove all the profiles on the maw cannon if he chooses to take the mawcannon out.

I typically drop it half way across the field and shoot a devestator unit with lascannons or try and get side shot on a vindicator (Since those are what I'm really worried about) Missile spam can get annoying but with needing 6s to penetrate I'm not that worried about just a few of them. I tend to deep strike the Soul Grinder first in my first wave because it's such a large model, it suffers from deep strike mishaps most often because of this fact and it's just smart to deep strike him when their is as few deep strike obstacles on the table as possible. I also use it as bait for the enemy who wants to get close to use melta, then I strike with fast moving, hard hitting units to either destroy or cripple the unit that went to deal with it.

As with a chaos Defiler I find him a fire support role first and close combat support second. I don't usually like to get him in close combat just because he's WS 3, and although 13 armour definatly helps against power fists and the like, I would much rather shoot the harvester and Phlegm profile mawcannon at a unit that close. Unless said unit has meltaguns, in which I will throw it in combat to keep it from geting shot by melta. Having fleet just seems like gravy to me but can help if the unit is close but not quite close enough to assault.

Now lets talk about the Vomit and tongue profile (This is theory since I've never actually used those profiles on the mawcannon. The vomit profile is just a +1 strength heavy flamer and it might be good when your going into a horde of orks but I don't see it getting used at all. The tongue profile you have to pay points for. Yes it's S10 and AP1, only one the daemons have, but its only BS 3 and so will hit only half the time, which isn't worth 25 points in my opinion. Especially if I bought phlegm with the tongue, that would mean that if the enemy got an weapon destroyed it would take away all the maw cannon profiles and I would've wasted 50 points on it. It would just not be worth the points in my opinion.

So as far as a rating system goes... i'll just give a semi-quick summery. Its got decent durability as far as battle tanks who are equivalent costs as well as ignoring crew shaken and stunned results. It's got ok close combat ability and just slightly better than a dreadnought (though I wouldn't throw him against a dreadnought with a working close combat weapon) given his lower WS and BS. He's got better than average movement with fleet and a awesome weapon in the form of Phegm profile on the Mawcannon and a pair of dreadnought close combat weapons. It's a good tarpit unit against units that dont have alot of meltabombs and high strength hits in close combat, since it's probably going second to meltabombs and most high strength hits. And with the phegm upgrade, it's worth its points with how I use it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012: Battle Reports

So. I got in a pair of games at OCC (Olympic Cards and Comics) The first game was my Noise Marine list vs Gray Knights

My list is as follows:
2 HQ: Sorcerer w/ Mark of Slannesh, Lash of Submission
5 Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/ Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster
1 Troop: 8 Noise Marines w/ Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster
3 Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicators w/ Daemonic Possession

His list is something like this:
HQ: Inquisitor Cotez
HQ: Inqisitor w/... I think a Venom pistol
Elites: I don't believe any
4? Troops: 10 Strike Squad w/ 2 psycannons, 2 halberds, Rhino (Dozerblades) (One squad might have been purifiers, the squad in the land raider never got out so I don't know)
1 Troop: Henchman Squad (6 Warriors, 3 Jokaros)
2 Heavy Support: Psyrifleman Dreadnoughts
Heavy Support: Land Raider

So this battle report will kinda be quick and not quite as detailed as I normally go into them but the game only got past turn 4 and im pretty sure you can guess who lost. If not, your gonna have to wait til the end.

Mission: Total War
This is a culmination of all 3 missions with 2 'Home' objectives, 3 objectives from the multi-objective mission and Kill Points. Whoever wins the more missions, wins the game.

Deployment: Quarters

Pretty much I got my butt handed to me, I first off placed the objectives wrong since I decided to go all in reserve and not having any mobility (Other than being able to move and fire). The army in general is suppose to be on the field for it to really pick up, and it didn't. I killed in total about 5 gray knights and I had lost over 2/3rd of my force and both sorcerers. And since their was no way I could blow him off the objectives at the end of the game (and he had more kill points) After he killed both sorcerers I conceded the game. First game mistakes for this army all around for me. I didn't really come in with a game plan and it showed.

The second game was a bit more noteworth (Ie. less one sided.. maybe)

His list first:

HQ: Wolf Lord w/ Thunderwolf mount, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw, Wolftooth necklace
HQ: Logan Grimnar
3 Troops: 5 Wolfguard w/ 1 In terminator armor and Cyclone Missile Launcher
2 Troops: 10 Gray Hunters w/ 2 Meltaguns, 1 Power Weapon, Rhino
1 Fast Attack: 5 Thunderwolf Calvery w/ 1 normal, 2 storm shield, 1 storm shield and meltabomb, 1 storm shield and hammer (I think it was set up that way)
Heavy Support: 6 Long Fangs w/ 2 Lascannons, 3 Missile Launchers
2 Heavy Support: 6 Long Fangs w/ 5 Missile Launchers

My Deamons List: (This is the list I most often play with)

HQ: Bloothister w/ Blessing of the Blood God
HQ: Lord of Change w/ Master of Sorcery, Breath of Chaos
Elites: 6 Flamers
Elites: 4 Bloodcrushers w/ Musician
2 Troops: 10 Bloodletters
Troops: 10 Pink Horrors
Troops: 10 Pink Horrors w/ Changling
Fast Attack: 6 Flesh Hounds w/ Karanak
Fast Attack: 9 Screamers of Tzeench
Heavy Support: Soul Grinder w/ Plegem

Mission: Total War
As above in my first game

Deployment: Pitched Battle (12 inches)

Roll off: I won the roll off and had him go first

Deployment: He placed mostly in one 2 ft area of his deployment zone. With thunderwolves towards the center more and long fangs towards one corner (Gimnar in the unit of long fangs with the lascannons) two wolf guard units were close to the long fangs and the other wolf guard unit sat snugly behind a pair of cargo boxes next to the objective with one terminator with cyclone sitting on top of the box. The rhinos with their compliment sat behind the thunderwolf Calvary.

His first turn... Nothing, he moves nothing after deployment.

My first turn. I roll for the Soulgrinder, Blood Thrister, Lord of Change and both Bloodletter units and the blood crushers to come in. And the gods agree with me to deploy that group. I deploy most everything centeral to the board, though I had to contend with a pair of impassible houses in the center with me I was able to hide my blood thirster behind one of the buildings, the soulgrinder scattered from hiding behind the same building into a rocky outcropping in line of sight of the long fangs towards one quarter but the long fangs were devoid of cover. The lord of change went behind the other building but scattered a little taking it from behind the building but far from the long fangs. The blood letters deep striked between the HQs with one nearly scattering into the lord of change. The blood crushers deep striked towards a ruins in front of the long fangs ready to handle them squarely. After run moves the bait was set for the thunderwolves. If he assaulted anything I could jump back on him with at least two nasty close combat units. In my shooting, the Soulgrinder did what he does best to Long Fang squads. blow them away. He blew one squad with missile launchers away.

His Second Turn: He moved the Calvery towards the Lord of Change and the Rhinos forward mostly. The long fangs with grimnar gained relentless and moved forward to fire on the blood crushers, and two wolfguard squads moved forward as well to support. He 5 missiles at the soulgrinder but only got a cant shoot result (which he ignored, he ignores cant shoot and can't move results). The long fangs with grimnar shot into the blood crushers as well as the wolfguard. Thanks to cover saves and horrible dice rolling (Which I will say now, is a theme in this game for him) I only too a single wound. Then in the assault phase he charged the bloodletter unit next to the Lord of Change. Slaughtering them and only taking a wound on a normal guy in return before consolidating 5 inches away from the center. On the other side of the table, horrible dice rolling strikes again and from difficult terrain tests, only 1 squad of wolf guard get into close combat. The wolf guard do no wounds and the blood crushers kill all but 1 of the wolf guard and the catch the wolf guard when he flees but he doesn't die to no retreat wounds.

My second turn: I get in the Flesh Hounds, Flamers and Screamers this turn. I deep strike the flesh hounds about a foot away from the blood crushers and the screamers about 6 to 8 inches behind them. The flamers I deep strike right next to the wolf guard unit behind the boxes next to the objective but scatter into the long fang unit still there and luckily (for me) gets placed back in reserve. In my movement I fly the Blood Thirster over to the thunderwolf Calvary and the lord of change backs up enough to make best use of his 3 weapons. The bloodletters are close to an multi-objective and a home-objective and decides to stay right there. Nothing is threatening them at this point. The Soulgrinder moves forward to catch sight of Grimnar's unit of long fangs. The Soulgrinder, as expected blows away all but a logan (who took a wound) a sergeant and a lascannon long fang. The shooting from the Lord of change deals a single wound to a thunderwolf Calvary with a storm shield. The bloodcrushers chop up the last dude in the combat but can't consolidate far enough to give them a chance to stay away from the space wolf charge. The Blood Thirster and Lord of Change go at it with the Thunderwolf calvery and deal a single wound to the lord, and when the dust settles takes no wounds from the thunderwolf calvery (Great saves on the blood thirster and horrible dice rolls for him)

His 3rd turn: He moves one of the rhinos behind the house and one over towards the ruins with the blood crushers inside, as well as moving the long fangs and wolf guard closer to blood crushers so they can't fail the charge. The shooting that happens against the blood crushers deal no wounds but the missile launchers score a single penetrating hit against the soul grinder and manage the wreck it. Logan gets into assault with the blood crushers with the support of a unit of wolf guard and manage to deal 1 wound to the musician and 1 more to the normal unit (killing one blood crusher) while logan takes a wound, the lascannon long fang dies and the wolf guard get slaughtered to a man with some lucky rolls on my side. The combat with the thunderwolf and my HQs rages on and they deal a single wound to my lord of change and none to the blood thrister. While the thunderwolf take a single wound as well.

My 3rd turn: I deep strike both horror units and flamer unit. The horrors go towards the center but about 16 inches behind the rhino who is near the ruins with the blood crusher combat. one unit unfortunately scatter really close to the rhino (scattering boxcars that way.) The flesh hounds move up as well as the screamers to blow up the rhino coming to the aid of Logan. In the shooting phase. The flamers buninate the Wolfguard hiding behind the box (killing all but the terminator and also manage to catch the long fangs and kill all but 1 of them as well. One unit of horrors shoots at the single terminator but only causes 5 wounds to it and it doesn't go down. The other unit of horrors fires at the rear of the rhino near the ruins and blows it's storm bolter off. The flesh hounds and screamers (Also known as Jetbike Meltabombs) go into the single rhino and surround it, and needing 6s to hit only makes it can't move or shoot (which is good enough since nothing is around to support the rhino and it doesn't have extra armor. The combat with the thunderwolf takes a turn for the fatal and at the end 3 whole wolf models are gone and the Lord of Change is sitting on 1 wound left. The combat between Grimar and blood crushers rages on and Grimnar bites it to the blood crusher hellblades but the single long fang manages to not only not get hit, but also passes his leadership roll.

His turn 4: His gray hunters in the other rhino move out to engage the horrors closer to his objective and the rhino moves to block the blood letters from interfering, while tank shocking the other unit of horrors. In the shooting phase he puts 3 frag shots into my clumped up flamers and kills 2 (Good saves on my part since he scored 7 wounds) He elects not to shoot with the gray hunters (doesn't want his shooting to pull him from assault.) and in the assult phase. The blood thirster is sitting on two wounds and the Lord of change is gone but so are the thunderwolves, just the Wolf Lord and the blood thirster, both sitting on two wounds. The blood crushers make quick work of the single long fang. The gray hunters only manage after fearless saves to kill 7 of the horrors (I wanted them all dead so that I could move up with my flamers and flame them to death with the Breath of Chaos (Alas, it wasn't ment to be). Forgot to make attacks against the rhino near the ruins

My turn 4: I move the other unit of horrors up to keep him from exiting combat in my turn (by throwing the second unit of horrors away) I move the flamers to hit both the remaining terminator and long fang near his home objective. The blood crushers move towards his objective because I don't know where to put them. In the shooting phase. I blow the last long fang and wolf guard away with the flamers and in the assault the Lord and Blood thirster trade blows but the Blood thirster finally comes out on top crushing the Wolf Lord in his Soul Grinder converted arm. The blood letters charge the empty rhino and immobilize it in assault. The flesh hounds and screamers surround the rhino and blow it up, killing 3 screamers and none of the gray hunters. After trying over and over to get the gray hunters out of 1 inch from the enemy. He could not, and thus the unit died and my opponent conceded the game.

Summery: Victory to Chaos! But I really have to say that I probably would've won from just generalship and he's a good player but in this instance, his dice lost him this game. It was a new set of dice and they just did not roll well for him. But he was a very nice opponent despite the list (I don't count list as sportsmanship, but that's a discussion for another time).

Friday, January 20, 2012

After a very long time....

Hellos to all reading... This is darkreaver as normal and it's been a good two years since I've even set foot in this blog. I've been busy, but that's pretty normal for most folks. Anyway... I've expanded my collection of plastic crack to include....

About 2,000 to 3,000 points of marines
About 2,000 to 3,000 points of Chaos Daemons
About 3,000 more points in Chaos Space Marines

Painted?... Well... Not much. I'm currently on my Daemons and am acually painting them, unfortunately I have no camera so I can't even take in progress pictures. But I've been doing quite a bit of gaming, far too much to put into a post. (Not that I can remember all of them).

I'm hoping to start putting posts on regularly and detailing my blog's namesake.

My only store I go to is Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacy, WA. I regularly post on a forum called Warsound (A forum dedicated to Warhammer 40k in the South Puget Sound area of Washington)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Hello Hellos

Hellos to all of yous out there on the internets. Welcome to my blog. Lets start with something simple. I am Dark Reaver. And this blog is dedicated to all of my Warhammer Escapades. This means all facets of Warhammer that I'm in at the time of the post.

Some of you maybe wondering why I call this blog "My Warhammer Escapade" Well... I'll tell you. Warhammer is my escape from the real world, some people have drugs, some have alcohol, some have promiscuous tenancies. Me. I've got the rich world of Warhammer.

I currently have a Chaos Space Marine army of 2,000 points, and a Gorkamorka mob. I have sampled Necrons and Tyranids in 4th edition. I have also done some Warhammer Fantasy but the most I've ever had was a 500 point Vampire Count army before it's most current Army Book was released (Never really got into it.). I've played Necromunda, Mordheim and Gorkamorka before. I would like to play Battlefleet Gothic and Inquisitor sometime. And I'm not just for the specialist games. I'd like to try out Dark Heresy sometime as well.

I will try and put up at least one post a week, but don't hold me to it. I currently am not painting much but I may later and if I do, I'll start small with my Gorkamorka Mob. I'll probabily put up Gorkamorka Battle Reports and maybe even Battle Reports for Warhammer 40,000. I'd like to do a bit more painting before I do that though.

I am currently in a Gorkamorka campaign at my local gaming store Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics. It is a great great place. It has many tables, the main Warhammer 40,000 times are on Saturday with Tuesdays coming in at a second. But it is not just a Games Workshop Store. It's got all sorts of things from Magic: The Gathering, to AT-43, from Japanese Mangas to tons and tons of comics. If you get the chance, come on down. It's an awesome place with great staff and great players (On the Warhammer side at least.)